Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Travel Packing

Travel Packing once or twice and you want to keep track of the mistakes you've made.

Common Mistakes :
1. Forgetting to pack the few basics Eg. Shades or a wollen cap.
2. Packing un-necessary stuff Eg. Too many shoes or shirts.
3. Carrying too many bags because they have wheels.
4. Not packing a few books, music to listen or movies on your laptop.
5. The right currency for travel.

I'm currently planning my travel and wanted to record some basic searches for packing right for a 3 month travel.

Online Resources : (new)

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  1. Hi, good post. Thank you for sharing these resources. I can add one more It will be useful for travel in the cold corners of our land. I used them when I was on Antarctic. I advise everyone to travel and discover the world. That's cool.

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