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Lohagad by dangerous_minds
Lohagad, a photo by dangerous_minds on Flickr.
Photo Stream of Lohagad Trek on Flickr.
A short blog post of the journey on Loud Thinking - "My Trek at Lohagad".

Saturday, December 29, 2012



yesomite, a set on Flickr.
Drive to Yesomite National Park, CA in May 2007.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Goa Travel Tweets

Day #1 /23d Dec

Highlights : Don Bosco Church/Panaji, Miramar beach, Colva beach

  • Travelling Pune to Goa by bus , should switch to train or flight next time.
  • Reached Old Mandovi bridge, North Goa with sore back and a bad tummy !!
  • Breakfast at Kamats, KTC bus stand, Panaji - Idli/Wada & Coffee ... feels refreshed.
  • Excited about the rented car which is about to meet us after breakfast at 8am
  • Planned our first ad-hoc trip to the nearest beach - Miramar.
  • Loving the Ritz, that we don't mind driving in the opposite direction to a small village.
  • (Added on Jan3,2013) Need to fill-up the tank ... Petrol is Rs55 per litre ! amazing, no wonder CNG is not popular yet.
  • Don Bosco church at Panaji  for morning service ... Some cool Santa pics.
  • Looking for morning chai to be refreshed. Landed at stars & books - Broadway Books instead !!
  • Finally reached Miramar beach at about 10:00am, first taste of sand !
  • 1hr drive to Margoa, South Goa - Terrific !
  • Hotel Woodlands, Margoa - Warm welome, great chocolates.
  • Lunch at Rangoli / Woodlands hotel ... Malai Kofta, Roti & Yogurt with rice.
  • Plan for the day : Colva beach sunset time.
  • Colva beach here we come ... been here 7 years ago.
  • Cool beach water at Colva is amazing ! great crowd.
  • Peaceful and fun, wish we made it on time for the sunset !
  • Lets shack up at A&mpersand ! Beach & Sand restro-n-bar.
  • Where's the camera ... somewhere on the beach. 
  • Thank God !  Jenny found it where she left it, under the newspaper
  • Prawn curry and mocktails for din-din ! 
  • Nice way to end the day at a Colva beach shack.                                    

Day #2 / 24th Dec

Highlights : Palolem beach, Agonda beach

 Beach sport at Palolem beach.

  • Quick breakfast ... a buffet ...such little time 
  • Plan for the day : Palolem and Cola beaches.
  • Off to Palolem at 8:30am .. 35 km ride.
  • Nice scenic journey ! Feels a bit like Kerala - Slim roads, green fields & coconut trees.
  • 10:30 : Finally at Palolem , Yippe ! Nice view of the beach .
  • Fed up of the boat ride hawkers ... Kept bargaining from 1200/- to 800/- for a ride to Butterfly island and dolphin view.
  • Nice lunch of shark fish curry .. But hey wait, why is the shark fish pieces so tiny. Maybe shark fish from an aquarium !
  • My daughter is a Maaza Girl ! Yes she has discovered love for the mango drink - "Maaza".
  • Shopping at Palolem is quite interesting. Embroidery on black tees done on order from any design.
  • Coffee and cookies at a cool little Cafe in Palolem market area. Run by foreigners ? Seems to be swarming by foreign tourists !
  • Driving out to find Cola beach ... Found the details in one of the editions of "Planet Goa".
  • Have reached Agonda beach but are unable to go further to Cola. Sun-set time ... Picture time !
  • Daquiri and lime juice after a swim ... sunset and fun with joe & jen.
  • Shower at the shack and refreshing view. Love the relaxing setting.
  • Tandoori, Kalmari / Squid curry & soda ... Merry Christmas coming up

  • Day #3 / 25th Dec

    Highlights : Holy Spirit Church/Margoa, Vasco Da Gama, Bogmalo beach, Dona Paula, Calangute beach

     Parasailing at Calangute beach.

    • Pleasant surprise from Jenny ... Card and chocolates ... great start for Christmas.
    • Test of speed - Quick breakfast and drive soon to church !
    • On time for Christmas service ! Sitting in the front for a change. 
    • Joanne is all jumpy during service ... Trying to keep her calm.
    • Plan for the day : Vasco Da Gama, Dona Paula & Calangute beaches.
    • But first, we need some tea. Missed our usual dose in the morning rush !
    • Stopped at Leonara's Restaurant for some Chai and complimentary goan delicacy.
    • The Kings Pub within Leonaras Restro is amazing. 
    • Need to pick up some yummy goan cakes for home ... Bebinca pudding .. Thanks a bunch !
    • Drove to Vasco Da Gama , thinking there is a great beach there. Its a port !! turn-around to Bogmalo or Majorda beach on the way to Dabolim airport.
    • Next stop is Bogmalo beach ... soft and white sand. Quiet beach.
    • Joe is fearful of the crashing waves. Finally distracted her to play with the sand.
    • Planning about going to Dona Paula for lunch ... hope we drive soon :)
    • Dona Paula kithe hai ? Have crossed Miramar and trying to reach DP beach.
    • Lunch at Dona Paula a warf with a market. Its not the same as Dona Paula beach.
    • Goan fish curry with fried fish ! Quantity is always good for one.
    • Lime Soda on menu but not Lime water. Can't you just replace water with Soda ?
    • Nice monument on DP warf. Excellent view ... Joe is all game to climb up the 4 floors of steps.
    • Hectic traffic jam ... very narrow and harrowing experience for 30 mins.
    • Driving out to Calangute ... have to make up for some lost time.
    • My God .. Calangute seems to be the most crowded beach !
    • Is Calangute the king of Goan beaches ?
    • Sunset is excellent ! Should we shack up for dinner ?
    • Shopping for Port wine and cashews.
    • Naah !! Driving back to Margaon ... Martins Restro & bar on our mind.
    • Dinner : Mojito, Blue Lagoon, Red Snapper, Rice & Yogurt
    • Amazingly cooked fish at Martins. One of the talked about restaurants in one of the Goa Android Apps. 

    Goa 2012, a set on Flickr.

    Credits : Photos taken by Android Mobile Cam & Sony Video Cam.