Thursday, August 15, 2013

Business at Chicago

Managed to come a full circle when we flew to Chicago (Illinois, USA) for Vavni's compliance product demonstration. We had a great day at UL offices pitching the product and its possibilities in the compliance domain as a front runner for the compliance ecosystem. We so elated that all our hard work and perseverance paid off, that we treated ourselves to a dinner & show (Movie:Elysium).

It was exactly 11 years ago when I was part of a team that demonstrated use of open source ( for Illinois Tollway's EZ-Pass system. The I-Pass/EZ-Pass system features for which we submitted the proposal, is now in place for online recharge and toll management processing.

Since, traveling around Chicago using the Interstate requires the use of various toll booths,  there was 1 place where if you had to use I-Pass Only and could not pay Cash.  There was a provision to pay online in 7-days using the portal and it worked flawlessly.