Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Goa Travel

Goa Dec 09

Finally managed to book the tickets & stay for Goa. Documenting various elements for planning a successful trip.

Travel adventure can never be planned to every detail, some needs to be left to chance to enjoy the unpredictable & spontaneous decisions.

Considering this is the first vacation with Joe, need to be prepared for the worst and hope for the best.

  • Cheque book, Cash
  • Swimming Costume
  • Beach Slippers for travel
  • Print out of tickets
  • Plastic bucket, water toys, Cap/Hats
  • Sun Tan lotion
  • Recharge Mobile (post-paid)
  • Activate Roaming in Goa ?
  • Internet Addon ?
  • Mobile Chargers 
  • Video Camera Kit - Purchased one this time- Sony - TCR-SX-21E
  • Bus Tickets booked via
    • Pune-Goa 
      • 8:30pm at Pune reaches Goa at 7:30am, dropoff- Mandolva bridge  
      • Panjim to Margoa 
        • Kadamba Bus Station - Shuttle from Panjim to Margoa 
        • Wings Radio time in Goa ?
    • Goa-Pune 
      • 3:00pm at Goa reaches Pune at 2:00am
      • Katraj to NIBM
  • Maps 
    • Panji dropoff to Margoa Hotel Woodlands Map
    • Download android app for Goa Maps
  • Study Guides for Goa Travel 
Hotel Booking
  • Hotel Woodlands 
    • Confirm Hotel reservations.
    • Require Printed receipts on departure 
Car Rental
  • North Goa - Panjim
  • South Goa - Margoa
    • Goa2u  - Emailed them, no response
    • Goa wheels Unlimited 
      • Booked & Paid in advance.
      • Excellent service. Well maintained car provided for travel.
Sight Seeing
  • North Goa 
    • St. Francis Xavier in Old Goa - 20 mins from Panjim
    • Don Paula in Panjim for the water sports and the good view
  • South Goa
    • Paolem beach for water sports ?
    • Shopping and eating out places


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